YWCA 1st Inter School & College SCIENCE-QUIZ Fest 2012


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–Institute Profile–


YWCA HIGHER SECONDARY GIRLS’ School is one of the most famous schools of Bangladesh.It is an institute of discipline and talents.The Institute has a record of showing outstanding performances in studies as well as extracurricular activities.

YWCA is working for the welfare for women & children since it has established.The students are the main contributors in this work with guidance of the teachers.Students are doing social & cultural activities beside their study.

There are five club in our school:

  1. Science Club
  2. Quiz Club.
  3. Debate Club.
  4. Cultural Club.
  5. Environment Club.
YWCA HIGHER SECONDARY GIRLS’ School is working since beginning to develop creativity,innovation & leadership quality among the students.Teachers & students are supporting each other to continue these creative activities.

— Here are the events of our fest —


  1. Science project
  2. Math Olympiad
  3. Physics Olympiad
  4. Chemistry Olympiad
  5. Biology Olympiad
  6. IQ test
  7. Wall magazine competition
  8. General knowledge based Quiz
  9. Sudoku
  10. Mixed up Quiz
  11. Extempore speech

— 3 groups for those events —

  • Junior group (VI-VIII)
  • Secondary Group (IX-X)
  • Senior Group (XI- XII)