Some questions regarding editing information of the National Identity Card.

by saif71

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Q: How can the card information be corrected?
Answer: NID registration wing / Upazila / Thana / District Election Office to apply for the correction of incorrect information. Adequate suitable documents for amendment should be attached with the application.

Q: If any correction is made in the card, will any record be kept of it?
A: Records of all corrections will be kept in Central Database.

Q: What certificates need to be submitted for correction if the father / husband / mother is mistakenly mentioned as dead?
Ans: In order to correct the identity card of the living father / husband / mother by mistake, the identity card of the person concerned has to be submitted.

Q: I am unmarried. Husband is written on my card without father. How can this be fixed?
Ans: You have to apply to the concerned Upazila / Thana / District Election Office with proof that you are not married.

Q: What are the rules for adding a husband’s name after marriage?
Ans: You have to apply along with NID Registration Wing / concerned Upazila / Thana / District Election Office by attaching photocopy of marriage certificate and husband’s ID card.

Q: Marriage is divorced. Now how can I remove husband’s name from id card?
Ans: You have to apply to the nid registration wing / concerned upazila / thana / district election office by attaching the documents related to divorce.

Q: I got a new marriage after divorce. Now how can I add the name of the current husband instead of the previous husband?
Ans: You have to apply by filling up the amendment form along with the divorce certificate of the 1st divorce and the cabinet letter of the next marriage.

Q: I want to change my profession, but how can I?
Answer: NID REGISTRATION WING / Upazila / Thana / District Election Office must submit authentic documents. Note that the data is not printed on the ID card.

Q: What do I need to do to change the image of my id card?
Ans: One copy of newly taken passport size with white back ground lab print photo should be applied in NID Registration Wing.

Q: What should be submitted along with the application form for correcting the spelling of one’s / father’s / husband’s / mother’s name?
Ans: Attested copy of SSC / Equivalent Certificate, Birth Certificate, Passport, Citizenship Certificate, Certificate of Employment, Marriage Certificate, National Identity Card of Father / Husband / Mother has to be submitted.

Q: If you are registered in your own nickname or other name, do you have to submit it along with the application form for correction?
Ans: SSC / homosexual certificate, attested copy of wife / husband’s national identity card in case of married and notification in national newspaper.

Q: What is the certificate to be submitted if the parent is to be mentioned as dead?
Ans: Death certificate has to be submitted if father / mother / husband wants to mention deceased.

Q: I am old and very poor so I need old age allowance or any other allowance.
Answer: It is not possible to change the age given in the id card without authentic documents. Action can be taken subject to investigation by examining and examining the authentic documents.

Q: How can the address be changed / modified?
Ans: Application for change of address only due to change of residence can be made through Form 13/14 at the Upazila / Thana Election Office of the area where you are currently residing. However, if there is any change or address or spelling mistake in the same constituency, it can be corrected by applying in the general amendment application form.

Q: How do I fix the different parent’s name written on the card of different members of the same family?
Ans: Copy of all the cards and details of the relationship with the nid registration wing / Upazila / District Election Office along with sufficient authentic documents to apply.

Q: I unknowingly wrote Educational Qualification SSC or === without passing. Now what is the way to correct my age or other information?
Answer: Pony did not pass the SSC in the Magistrate’s Court.

Q: The other person’s information has been left in the id card. How to correct this mistake?
Ans: You have to submit the required documents to correct the wrong information and apply to the nid registration wing / concerned upazila / thana / district election office.

Q: What needs to be done to include or correct blood groups?
Ans: In case of inclusion or correction of blood group, diagnostic report of blood group has to be submitted.

Q: What is the process of changing age / date of birth?
Ans: Attested photocopy of SSC or equivalent examination certificate should be submitted along with the application. If you have not received SSC or equivalent certificate then you have to apply for the correct age by presenting all the documents. After the application, the matter will be investigated and necessary correction will be made by determining the correct age subject to medical examination.

Q: What to do if you want to change the signature?
Answer: You have to apply with a sample of new signature and acceptable proof. However, the signature can be changed only once.

Q: My date of birth has not been written properly. I do not have any authentic document. How do I correct?
Answer: You have to apply in the concerned Upazila / District Election Office. Necessary steps will be taken subject to investigation.

Q: How many times can 1 card be corrected?
Answer: A piece of information can be corrected only once. However, if it is not reasonable, no change will be made.

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