Check before buying a used iPhone. 

iPhone’s are expensive but really useful. So, you must check iPhone’s before buying. Sometimes, used iPhones are refurbished/fake or stolen. So, be careful before buying one for yourself. But how can you check whether your iPhone is not refurbished/stolen/fake? And if its condition good enough to fulfill your need? Don’t you worry. In this guide, we are going to show the steps to check before buying a used iPhone.

1.Verify the IMEI number

Go to Settings -> General -> About and check your IMEI number

Or Dial *#06# to check the IMEI number. Then check your iPhone if it’s stolen or not by using this website Stolen Phone Checker.

Verify IMEI number

2.Battery health

Go to Settings -> Battery -> Battery Health and check the maximum capacity. Maximum capacity shows how good is your iPhones battery.


If the score shows 100% it’s perfect. But as a used phone in most cases scoring 100% is impossible. If it’s 100% it’s maybe refurbished(in most cases). And less than 100% will affect your usage. Because it’s quickly run out of juice. Moreover, if you try to charge your phone 2 or 3 times a day you will make the battery even worse.

3.Check if it’s refurbished or not

Go to Settings -> General -> About ->Model Number pay close attention to the model number as it reveals the origin of the iPhone.

model _number
model _number
  • If the model number starts with “M“, it’s an Apple-certified iPhone.
  • If the model number starts with “F“, it was refurbished by Apple or a certified service provider.
  • If the model number starts with “P“, it was sold as a personalized iPhone.
  • If the model number starts with “N“, it was provided as a replacement device by Apple.

4.Check Coverage

Check Apple’s warranty status using Apple coverage check.

5.Carrier Unlock

Insert a SIM card and try to make a call to check if its carrier unlocked or not.If it’s not stolen than it should be unlocked by default.

6.Touch Id / Face Id 

  • Go to Settings > Touch ID and set your fingerprint and check if it’s working or not.
  • Go to Settings > Face ID and enroll your face and check if it’s working or not.

7.Take Photo

Take photos using both (front & back) cameras. Because using an iPhone with a malfunctioning camera is really painful. (Believe me, I know the feelings)

8.Play Music

Play some music on youtube or other streaming services to check the performance of the speakers. And also plug a headphone and play some music.

9.Check charging port

Check the charging cable if it’s charging the phone. Also, connect to your iPhone to a PC/Mac to ensure file transferring capability.

10.Check vibration button

Flicks the vibration button to see if the phone vibrates.

11.Water Damage

If the water damage indicator is “White”  it confirmes that your iPhone was not water damaged. But the water damage indicator is “Red” or “Pink” it confirmes that your iPhone was water damaged.

Here the indicator marks for the different iPhones:

  • iPhone 4/4s (In the charging port)
  • iPhone 5,5s,5c, SE (White Dot on SIM tray)
  • iPhone 6/6+,6s/6s+( White smudge on SIM tray)
  • iPhone 7/7+,8/8+, X, Xs/Xs Max, etc.(White line on SIM tray)

12.Check Wifi/Bluetooth

Check Wifi/Bluetooth if their connecting.

Please keep in mind before buying a phone take an expert with you and find a public place to meet with the seller/buyer before giving your hard-earned money.

Thanks you for reading.