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All the Central Zone Licensed ISP(Internet Service Provider) in Bangladesh

by Kaif Hossain

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What ISP means/What is the full form of ISP?

Ans: ISP means Internet Service Provider.

What is the purpose of this list?

Ans: This list is about all the Central Zone Licensed ISP (Internet Service Providers) of Bangladesh. Here you can find out about all the Central Zone Licensed ISP including ISP name, address,& Licence No.

NameAddressLisence No
Sorob IT LimitedHouse No-7, 5th Floor (E1), Road No-7, Kohinoor Tower-1(Gulshan- 1), Dhaka-1212.BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (35) Sorob/2008-31, Dated: 02-07-2008.
1 Touch BD Online Ltd.401 Orchard Point, house17,Road- 07,Dhanmondi dhaka 1205BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (84) 1Touch/2009-76, Dated: 05-08-2009.
G4 Communications Ltd.80, Green Road (1st Floor),Tejgaon, Dhaka.BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (107)G4/2010-97, Dated: 13-07-2010
Infobase Limited29, Subas Bose Avenue, Laxmibazar, Dhaka- 1100BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (117) Infobase/2011-101, Dated: 03-07- 2011\.
M/s. Live Network & System262 North Shahjanpur, Dhaka- 1217BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (118) Live Network/2011-102, datetime: 17- 08- 2011\. (digital:55.580.)
Dhaka Fiber Link Ltd.House#27, Road#10, Block#E, Banani, Dkaha-1230.BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (48) AINL/2008-43, Dated: 22-07-2008.
M/s. Patriot149 Matikata, Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka-1206.BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (119) Patriot/2011-104, Dated: 16-10-2011.
Sine-10 (BD) Ltd.Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka-1212.BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (90) sine10/2009-81, Dated: 29-07-2009.
M/s. Techno Asia InfotechF-160/5, Mohakhali T.B Gate, Gulshan, Dhaka-1212.BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (123)Techno/2012-106, Dated: 04- 06-2012
Link IT28/A-2 Toyenbee Circular Road, Motijheel C/A, Dhaka-1000BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (37) Link IT /2008-33, Dated: 02-07-2008.
Sadiatec Company Ltd.House#02, Road#07, Sector#03, Uttara, Dhaka1230.BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (41) Sadia/2008-36, Dated: 02-07-2008.
ACE IT Networks LtdBTA Tower, 10th Floor, 29 Kamal Ataturk Avenue, Banani Dhaka- 1213\.BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (113) AINL/2008-27, Dated: 02-07-2008. Previous file (31)s
DTECH Online LimitedHouse#.59 (5th floor), Road#.4, Block#.C, Banani, Dhaka-1213.BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (40) DTech/2008-35, Dated: 02-07-2008.
ZX Online Limited102, Aziz Co-operative Super market, Shabagh, Dhaka-1000.BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (49) ZX/2008-44, Dated: 22-07-2008.
M/s. Rafin Satellite1, B.K. Roy Lane, Dhaka1100.BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (54) Rafin/2008-48, Dated: 11-08-2008. (digital: 55.535.)
M/S The Computer Systems5/2 Sobhanbag, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1207BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (57) TCS/2008-54, Dated: 27-10-2008. (digital:55.538.15)
M/S. Media & MultimediaHouse#.03, Road#.14, Sector#.01, Uttara, Dhaka1230BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone(56) Media/2008-55 Dated: 23.11.2008.
M/S. Asia NetHouse#.1, Katasur Ground Floor, (south side of confidence tower), Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1217BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (63) AsiaNet/2008-60, Dated: 27-01- 2009.
Dev Consultants Ltd.Road#13, House#4, Baridhara, Dhaka-1212BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (80) Dev/2009-70, Dated: 30-06-2009
M/s. Radisson Technologies33 Karwan Bazar, Shah Ali Tower (ground floor), DhakaBTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (101) Radisson/2010-91, Dated: 24-03- 2010
IT Connect LtdPlanners Tower (14th Floor), suit # 5, 13/4, Sonargaon Road Dhaka- 1000BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (34) ITconnect/2008-11, Dated: 02-07- 2008\. Previous File (34)
Dhaka Broadband Network Ltd. (DBN)Sonartari Tower (12th Floor), 12 Biponon Sonargaon Road Dhaka1000BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (28) DBN/2008-24, Dated: 02-07-2008. New file is opened (147)
ALVI EnterpriseHyprion Rose, 3rd floor, Sec-12, Block-B, Road-04, Plot-61/1, 61/2, Pallabi, Dhaka-1216.BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (135) ALVI/2013-115, Dated: 01-12-2013.
Intrepid Broadband Communication co. Ltd.Plot-25, Rajlaxmi Complex (6th floor), Sec-03, Uttara, DhakaBTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (132) Intrepid/2013-113, Dated: 01-08- 2013\.
Enterprise Secured WirelessApt-C-1/2, 1st Floor, Plot-15, Road-17, Banani, Dhaka-1213BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (139) secured/2014-118, Dated: 27-11- 2014\.
Arin TelecomSec-12, Block-B, Road-04, Plot- 61/1, 61/2, 5th floor, Suite No.504, Pallabi, Dhaka-1216.BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (136) Arin/2013-117, Dated: 19-01-2014
Fusion Net Ltd.Navana Tower, 45, Gulshan1, Dhaka-1212.BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (137) Fusion/2013-116, Dated: 08-12-
Icom Bangladesh Ltd82 Mohakhali C/A, Mohakhali Tower (4th Floor), Dhaka-1212.BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (129) Icom/2012-110, Dated: 06-02-2013
Cyber CommunicationHouse#262, Road#19, New DOHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka1206.BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (131) Cyber Com/2013-112, Date 14-05- 2013\.
M/s. Solution.42-43 Shiddeswari Circular Road, Dhaka-1217.BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (110) Solution/2010-99, Dated: 05-01-
M/s. Faith Online Network41/2 Purana Paltan, Dhaka1000.BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (70) Faith/2009-69, Dated: 30-06-2009.
City Online Limited.33, Biren Bosh Street, imamgonj, Dhaka-1211BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (112) City Online/2010-100, Dated: 05-01- 2011.
M/s. Rawshanara Internet Communication100, Janata Housing, Shahali Bag, Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216.BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (105) Rawshanara/2010-103, Dated: 05-06- 2011\. (digital:55.571.16)
M/s. Satellite Connection1/1, Koshimuddin Road, Datta Para, Tongi, Gazipur.BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (121) Satellite Connection/2011-105,
Xenial BroadbandHouse-466 (Ground Floor), Road- 08, DOHS Baridhara, Dhaka-1206.BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (134) Xenial/2013-114, Dated: 03-09-2013.
Sebatel Network85/1-A, PuranaPaltan lane (4th Floor), Dhaka-1000.BTRC/LL/ISP-Central Zone (125) Shebatel/2012-109, Date 02-09-2012.
M/s. Mazeda Networks Ltd.House-123, West Dhanmondi, Dhaka1209.Managing Director: Mr. Neamul Haque,14.32.0000.007.55.601.15.121 Dated: 29-02-2016.
M/S Net Express onlineNoyantola, Moghbazar, Dhaka14.32.0000.007.55.604.15.122 Dated: 02-03-2016
New Generation Internet Services Ltd.Ka- 14/9, Kalachadpur, Gulshan, Dhaka.14.32.0000.007.55.605.15.123 Dated: 17-04-2016.
Gateway Online Access LtdRH Home Center, 74/B/1, Apartment-13B02, Green Road, Dhaka.14.32.0000.007.55.608.15.124 Dated: 18-05-2016.
Planet Information Technology Solution Limited.House- 1140, Road-43, DOHS, Mirpur, Dhaka.14.32.0000.007.55.603.16.127 Dated: 15-12-2016.
Cyber Way Technology224/1, South Pirerbagh (Ground Floor), Mirpur, Dhaka14.32.0000.007.55.609.16.128 Dated: 10-04-2017.
Prefix NetShop-21 (4th Floor), Shah Ali Plaza, 1/A17, Mirpur10, Dhaka- 1216\.14.32.0000.007.55.614.16.129 Dated: 03-01-2018.
Pioneer Services Ltd.82 (2nd Floor), Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka-1212.14.32.0000.007.55.627.17.131 Dated: 08-01-2018.
Brisk SystemsRahbar Tower, Flat-7B, House: 75- 76, Janata CoOperative Society, Ring Road, Adabor, Dhaka-1207.14.32.0000.007.55.672.17.132 Dated: 08-01-2018.
M/s. Doly IT CornerHousing No.-145, Road-06, Mohammadia Housing Society, Adabor, Dhaka.14.32.0000.007.55.625.17.133 Dated: 14-01-2018.
Alpha Broadway System131, B. B. Road, (1st Floor), chashara, Narayongonj.14.32.0000.007.55.610.16.134 Dated: 14-01-2018.
Banglanet Technologies Ltd.18thRajuk Avenue LalBhaban (4th Floor), Motijheel, Dhaka.14.32.0000.007.55.615.16.135 Dated: 15-01-2018.
Bengal Broadband Ltd.Ataturk Tower, 2nd Floor, 22, Kamal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka-1213.14.32.0000.007.55.620.17.136 Dated: 16-01-2018.
Internet@Home Ltd.3/C, Kawran Bazar, Haque Tower, E/5, Tejgaon, Dhaka.14.32.0000. Dated: 17-01-2018.
Alif Technologies604, South Goran, Road-30, Khilgaon, Dhaka-1219.14.32.0000.007.55.622.17.138 Dated: 18-01-2018.
Vision Blue Communication89, Syed Grand Center (12th Floor)Room-1201, 1201/A, Uttara, Dhaka-123014.32.0000.007.55.616.16.139 Dated: 24-01-2018.
Central Net Broadband Network18/1, Central Road, New Market, Dhaka-1205.14.32.0000.007.55.613.16.140 Dated: 14-02-2018.
NMS Technologies Ltd.477/1, West Rampura, Dhaka- 1219\.14.32.0000.007.55.631.17.141 Dated: 15-03-2018.
The Matrix Technology69-71, Multiplan Center, Shop- 605, Level-06, Mirpur Road, Dhaka .14.32.0000.007.55.621.17.142 Dated: 30-04-2018.
Dot Internet350, Jafrabad,Mohammadpur, Dhaka1207.14.32.0000.007.55.628.17.143 datetime: 06-05-2018
Galaxy Net477, East Goran, Khilgaon, Dhaka- 1219\.14.32.0000.007.55.638.18.144 Dated: 25-06-2018.
Info Internet ServicesSection-2, Avenue-3/12, Hazi Road, Mirpur, Dhaka.14.32.0000.007.55.636.18.145 Dated: 02-07-2018.
United Enterprises & Co. Ltd.Gulshan Centre Point, House# 23- 26, Road# 90, Gulshan# 2, Dhaka- 121214.32.0000.007.55.633.18.146 datetime: 02-07-2018
Net Café25, Jaykali Mondir Road, Wari, Dhaka.14.32.0000.702.45.468.18-147 Dated: 23-09-2018.
Sam OnlineTa-98/C, Link Road, Middle Badda, Dhaka-121214.32.0000.702.45.470.18-148 Dated: 31-10-2018
Innovative Solution16/A/3, Ring Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka.14.32.0000.007.55.630.17.149 Dated: 29-11-2018.
Combined Soft965/1, East Shewarapara, Kafrul, Dhaka-1216.14.32.0000.702.45.469.18.150 Dated: 20-12-2018.
Bismillah TelecomCha-66, North Badda, Dhaka-1212.14.32.0000.007.55.632.17.151 Dated: 06-03-2018.
Generation Net LimitedGreen View, Plot no. 11971, Shamata SharakNurer Chala, Gulshan Model Town, Vatara, Dhaka-121214.32.0000.702.45.473.18.152 Dated: 01-01-2019.
Agun Tech LimitedHouse#12/D &12/E, Block# A, Main AvenueBashundhara R/A, Dhaka-1229.14.32.0000.702.45.471.18.153 Dated: 02-01-20
IT Base18/A, Badda Nagar Lane, Hazaribagh, Dhaka-120514.32.0000.702.45.475.18.154 Dated: 06-01-2019.
Dhakatech iT Limited33, Asgar Lane, Churihatta, Chawbazar, Dhaka-121114.32.0000.702.45.474.18.155 Dated: 15-01-2019.
BD NetworksBNS Center, 87 Mymensingh Road, Suite501, Sector-07Uttara, Dhaka-123014.32.0000.702.45.472.18.156 Dated: 17-01-2019
Exord OnlineHouse-20, Road-05, BlockC, Banasree Rampura, Dhaka-121914.32.0000.702.45.479.18.157 datetime: 31-01-2019
RM Communication LimitedPlot-61/1, 61/2, Road-04, Block-B, Section-12 Mirpur, Dhaka.14.32.0000.700. 55.637.18.158 datetime: 06.02.2019
SSTN Technology36 (Level-03), Bagdad Shopping Complex, Mirpur1Dhaka-121614.32.0000.702.45.476.18.159 datetime: 06.02.2019
U-Turn TechnologiesRoad-9, House-36 PC Culture Housing, Adabor, Dhaka14.32.0000.702.45.480.18.160 datetime: 07.02.2019
Talmuri Computer SystemHouse-1/5, Flat-4/5, Mizan Kollanpur Main Road Mirpur, Dhaka-121614.32.0000.702.45.477.18.161 datetime: 07-02-2019
Rajor Online Communication203/1, West Agargaon, Sher-E- Bangla Nagar Dhaka14.32.0000.702.45.478.18.162 datetime: 18-02-2019
SS Online37/7 Azimpur Tower (GF), Lalbagh Dhaka-120514.32.0000.702.45.483.19.163 datetime: 20-02-2019
Amarnet SystemKa-42/2 (3rd floor), Joar Shahara Bazar, LichubaganVatara, Dhaka122914.32.0000.702.45.482.18.164 datetime: 06-03-2019
Karsan Net14/A, 31/A, Center Point concord( G.F & 8th Floor), Tejkunipara, Farmgate, Tejgaon, Dhaka-1215.14.32.0000.007.55.611.16.165 Dated: 11-07-2019
ADDA Network8/A-8/B, Gawsul Azam super market, shop No:45(1st Floor), New market, dhaka-120514.32.0000.702.45.484.19.166 Dated: 21-07-2019
BAS Network82 no Gabtoli, Mirpur, Dhaka-121614.32.0000.702.45.485.19.167 Dated: 21-07-2019
Base ITTa-143(3rd Floor), Moddo Badda, Badda, Dhaka-121214.32.0000.702.45.481.19.168 Dated:21-07-2019
Xplore Net BD29, Alta Plaza (2nd floor), House- 1, Road-10, Dhanmondi, Dhaka- 120914.32.0000.702.45.486.19.169 Dated:25-08-2019
Syntax IT72/6, East Raja Bazar, 4th Floor, Panthpath, Dhaka121514.32.0000.702.45.487.19.170 datetime: 01-10-2019
Tiger Global Network & communication156, South Kamlapur, Dhaka-121714.32.0000.702.45.467.18-171 datetime: 13-10-2019
ZN IT SolutionKBG Tower (7th Floor), 15 DIT Road, Malibagh Chowdhury para, Dhaka14.32.0000.702.45.491.19.172 datetime: 13-11-2019
Microlink TechnologyFlat-c, 4th floor, Purana Paltan, Dhaka-100014.32.0000.702.45.488.19.173 datetime: 20-11-2019
Invention Technologies Limited81/1, Siddeshware Circular Road, Dhaka-1217.14.32.0000.702.45.490.19.174 Dated:21-11-2019

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