How did Tom & Jerry arrive?

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Tom & Jerry name catches the eye of a cat running after a rat. I was a huge fan of Tom & Jerry as a child. I still am. Its pomp has not diminished at all.

The name of the creator of this Tom & Jerry may or may not be known to many. Because his name is shown at the beginning of the cartoon. But the history of the naming of the cartoon may be known to very few people today.
First of all, let’s talk about the creator. Tom and Jerry have two creators; William Hannah and Joseph Barbera.
Before telling the history of naming Tom and Jerry, the birth story of Tom and Jerry means how Tom and Jerry came into being. William Hannah and Joseph Barbara worked for a movie company called Metro Goldwin Mayer. The cartoon is still made by this company. Metro Goldwyn Mayer, for short, worked in the Rudolph icing unit of MGM company. Hannah would create stories and design characters, and Barbara would direct them.

1930 The unit is not in very good condition. Their cartoon series “Captain and the Kids” has failed miserably. Hannah and Barbara are worried. Now, what can be made into a cartoon? Barbara decided to make a cartoon about the fight between rats and cats. She named it “Push Gates the Boot.” The name of the cat in the story is ‘Jasper’, and the name of the rat is ‘Jinks’.

The story of the cartoon was also very funny. A flower tub broke when he was suddenly pushed to catch Jasper Jinks. Elsewhere, Jasper’s Afro-American Malkin shouted, “If anything else breaks, I’ll kick you out.” Jasper’s chest went dry with fear. And Jinks also had fun. He started throwing away everything that was broken in the house. And Jasper began to catch it all with all his heart.

A cartoon with such a beautiful story, but MGM colleagues could not be more optimistic about this cartoon of Hannah-Barbara. They said, what else is this? That old boring story of rats and cats. Anyway, on February 10, 1940, Puss Gates the Boot was released. But the MGM company did not allow Hanna-Barbara to make this funny cartoon of rats and cats and gave her the work of two cartoons called “Galloping Gals and Officer Puch”.

Do you know the surprise news? Pussy Gates The Boot was nominated for an Oscar in 1941 !!! Getting an Oscar nomination is a big deal. Of course, the cartoon did not win an Oscar in the end, another cartoon of MGM in the Oscar alliance was on the forehead of “The Milky Way”. He hurriedly called Hannah-Barbara and asked her to make a series of cartoons about the story of rats and cats. 3

If you want to make a series, you need a good name. No one was getting a good name. They thought that a name can be taken by organizing a competition. An animator named Tom and Jerry won ৫০ 50. This time Hannah-Barbara also started working in full force. The first Tom and Jerry cartoon, The Midnight Snack, was released in 1941.

And since then, Hannah-Barbara has not given up on anything other than Tom and Jerry, Tom and Jerry have made it all their lives. And the magic of this cartoon of theirs, still everyone is crazy to say, Tom and Jerry. William Hannah in 2001, and Joseph Barbara died in 2006.

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