Some questions related to voter registration and getting National Identity Card(NID).

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Voter registration

Voter registration
Q: I could not register as a voter in time. What can be done now?
Answer: You can apply to the concerned Upazila / Thana / District Election Office stating the appropriate reasons.
Q: I could not do voter registration due to my location abroad. What can I do now?
Answer: You have to apply to the concerned Upazila / Thana / District Election Office with copy of Bangladesh Passport, Birth Certificate, Citizenship Certificate, SSC Certificate, Copy of Utility Bill in support of address or copy of House Rent or Holding Tax Receipt and fill up the relevant forms.
Q: I registered to vote in 2007/2008 or 2009/2010 but did not receive an ID card at that time, how can I get it now?
Answer: Contact the Upazila Election Office of the area where you have become a voter with the acknowledgment of receipt given at the time of your voter registration. However, for Dhaka City Corporation, it is suggested to contact NID Registration Wing, Islamic Foundation Building, Agargaon, Dhaka.
Q: Can various titles, professions, religious titles, surnames, etc. be added to the name of the voter list?
Answer: There is no time to add only names in the voter list database.
Q: Where can I get an id card?
The answer. Id card can be obtained from the Upazila / Thana Election Office of the area where the voter has registered.
Q: I will be going abroad. Can anyone else withdraw my card?
Answer: Yes. You will be able to collect it with the appropriate letter of authorization and Authorization Letter from your authorized representative.
Q: What happens if I give intentionally wrong information on the card?
Answer: There may be jail or fine or both.
Q: National Identity Card No. 13 digit and why 17 digit now?
Answer: The number of ID cards that are being printed or recreated after 2006 is 17 digit.
Q: I have different ages / names in different documents. Which will be applicable in case of voter registration?
Answer: Age or name mentioned in SSC or equivalent examination certificate. Certificate of 5th / 8th final examination will be acceptable in future.
Q: Can duplicate entries be identified with fingerprints?
Answer: Yes, it is possible to detect.
Q: Is it possible for one person to get more than one card in more than one name and age?
Answer: No. One can only make one card. If a voter hides information in more than one place, it will be caught on the central server and a case will be filed against him.
Q: I am very poor and under 18 years old. If I get an id card showing the age above 18 years, i can get a job in Garments or anywhere else. Can this situation be considered for humanitarian reasons?
Answer: No. You have to wait until you reach the age of 18.
Q: I forgot to register twice, what do I do now?
Answer: Inform the concerned district election office in writing as soon as possible. Finger print matching activities are currently underway. All duplicate entries will be identified soon. Note that which is a punishable offense.
Q: I have an ID card but my name was not on the voter list during the 2015 parliamentary elections. What is the way to solve such problems?
Answer: Contact the nid registration wing / upazila / district election office immediately.
Q: Can another person collect the card?
Answer: Power of attorney and receipt of receipt can actually be collected.
Q: You talked about different forms, where can they be found?
Ans: NID Registration can be collected by contacting Wing / Upazila / District Election Office, or can be downloaded from Website: or
Q: What is the charge for all these forms?
Answer: None.

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