Top 10 Best Colleges for Boys in Dhaka

by Refat Shahriear


The thirst for quality education is palpable in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. As the third-largest city in Bangladesh, Dhaka is a hub of academic excellence, boasting some of the country’s most prestigious colleges. But with so many options or colleges, how would you choose the right one?

No worries, the answer & solution are given below. There are more than 80 colleges in Dhaka city. So, it’s normal to face hard & hesitated situations to find the best one for your higher-secondary education. This article is only for your helping purpose.

Here are the top 10 best colleges for boys in Dhaka. Choose the right one according to your choice, result, or gpa on the SSC exam.

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Things to consider about choosing the right college:

For choosing your college for applying at first, consider these things below before you go-

  1. Distance of your college from home.

  2. Availability of transportation system.

  3. Class hour or shift is according to your convenience.

  4. Make sure that the tuition fees & other expenses of your chosen college are affordable & according to your family’s convenience.

Top 10 best colleges at Dhaka for boys:

Here’s the list of the top 10 best colleges for boys at Dhaka-

  1. Rajuk uttara model college (EIIN: 108573)

  2. Notre dame college Dhaka (EIIN: 108274)

  3. Adamjee cantonment college (EIIN: 107855)

  4. Dhaka residential model college (EIIN: 108258)

  5. Baf shaheen college dhaka (EIIN: 107858)

  6. Dhaka college (EIIN: 107977)

  7. Birshreshtha noor mohammad public college (EIIN: 108161)

  8. Dhaka commerce college (EIIN: 108207)

  9. Milestone college (EIIN: 136844)

  10. Dhaka city college (EIIN: 107975)

Rajuk uttara model college

In the order of the Ministry of Bangladesh, rajuk uttara model college (rumc) was founded in April 1994. It is located in Uttara Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Notre dame college

The best college for male students in Bangladesh is notre dame college. This college was established in 1949. The college provides physical, intellectual, and spiritual education to its students.

Adamjee cantonment college

Dhaka adamjee cantonment college was established in 1960 in Dhaka Cantonment. Bangladesh army supervised the college with strong discipline.

Dhaka residential model college

Dhaka residential model college is famous for its disciplines and rules, and regulations. It is renowned for its extracurricular activities. They started their journey with the motto “Strive for excellence.”

BAF shaheen college Dhaka

Baf shaheen college (full form: Bangladesh air force shaheen college) started its journey in 1960 with the motto “Education-patience-discipline.” it is also called Dhaka shaheen college.

Dhaka college

Dhaka College is one of the best colleges in Dhaka city. Late Nawab Abdul Ghani established it, the zamindar of Gouripur and the zamindar (estate owner) of Dhaka Nawab estate in 1841 at Azimpur, Dhaka. It is one of the oldest & well-reputed government colleges in Bangladesh.

Birshreshtha noor mohammad public college

Birshreshtha noor mohammad public college is another reputed college in Dhaka. Under the administration of bgb/bdr, this college maintains its teaching methods & education system with extracurricular activities & good-quality discipline. This college offers a separate quota for the son/daughter of bgb officers.

Dhaka commerce college

Dhaka commerce college is one of the best colleges in Bangladesh for business studies groups. The environment of this college is stunning. It is a master’s level college founded in 1989 in Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Shortly it became known as DCC.

Milestone college

It is a non-profitable organization founded in 2001 by more trust. The teachers fully dedicated their effort to their students in this college, which makes the college the most famous. This educational institution is situated in Uttara, Dhaka. Milestone College is also considered one of the best private colleges in Dhaka.

Dhaka city college

Dhaka city college is one of the oldest colleges in Bangladesh, founded in 1957 in Dhanmondi Dhaka, Bangladesh. The priority of this college is education. A proper guideline makes this top college level. The students in this college always produce high-quality results in hsc.

In conclusion, Dhaka offers an array of top-notch colleges for boys. The featured top 10 colleges, renowned for academic excellence and holistic development, provide the ideal environment for higher-secondary education. Consider factors like proximity, convenience, and affordability when making your choice. Each college offers unique strengths to shape your future. Select wisely and embark on a journey filled with knowledge and growth. May your college years be rewarding, leading to a successful and fulfilling life ahead. Congratulations on this pivotal step towards a brighter future!

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