Top 10 Colleges in Bangladesh 2023

by Kaif Hossain


After publishing the SSC result, the students have to go through the process of getting admission in colleges. So, they want to admit themselves to the best colleges. But how do they know about the best colleges for their future career? How do they get the correct information easily about the college for admission? So, we made this list to make things easy for the students.

In this article, we provided valuable information about top colleges, so students can decide which college suits them based on factors such as education quality, campus area, campus safety, co-curriculum activities, teacher quality, results, etc.

Now we will discuss the ranking factor we considered when we ranked the top colleges in Bangladesh. Here’s the list :

This list showcases “Top 10 Colleges in Bangladesh“. For your convenience, we have added some of the details of the information.

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List of top colleges

1. Dhaka medical college

Since the opening on 10th July 1946, Dhaka Medical College built a new era in the history of medical study in Bangladesh. The initial intention for the establishment of a medical institute in Dhaka was assigned to the British Administration in 1939 but delayed because of World War II. After the battle, a council was created in 1945, and on the advice of the committee.

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2. Dhaka City College

Dhaka City College (formerly know as West End High School), which started its journey with a limited capacity, has a strong and leading position in the education sector of Bangladesh today after a long half-century. After a short stay on the Dhaka College campus in the ’80s, the college started functioning in its present location.

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3. Adamjee Cantonment College

Adamjee Cantonment College is a public college in Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is primarily for higher secondary level education for the children of Army personnel stationed in Dhaka.

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4. Comilla Victoria College

Comilla Victoria Government College is a college in Comilla, Bangladesh. It is one of the oldest and renowned colleges in Comilla as well as in the Chittagong division. The college is located on 29 acres of land including its intermediate and honors section.

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5. Rangpur Cantonment Public College

Rangpur Cantonment was begun in 1986 by setting the establishment stone of Brigadier MA Latif. The institution was instituted to promote the education of the administrators of Rangpur Cantonment and the children of the district.

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6. Notre Dame College

Notre Dame College is a higher secondary and undergraduate educational institution established and run by the clergy of the Holy Cross Sannyas Sangha in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

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7. Dhaka College

Dhaka College (Bengali: ঢাকা কলেজ also known as DC) is the oldest institution of Bangladesh located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It offers classes upto higher secondary education (HSC). It has Honours and Masters programs as well which are affiliated to the University of Dhaka.

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8. Dhaka Commerce College

Dhaka Commerce College is a graduate college in Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Established in 1989, this was the first college in Dhaka city to specialize in commerce. The main founder of this college was Mr. Kazi Faruki. The college offers classes from HSC level to post graduate level. There are twelve departments in the college. Course offering includes the Higher Secondary course and a broad range of postgraduate courses in Accounting, Economics, English, Finance, Management, Marketing, Statistics, and Bangla.

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9. Viqarunnisa Noon School & College

Viqarunnisa Noon School & College (Bengali: ভিকারুননিসা নূন স্কুল) is an all-girls school in Baily Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It has about 24,568 students. Viqarunnisa Noon School is one of the renowned schools in Bangladesh. It has a glorious past. It was established in 1952 by Begum [Viqarunnisa Noon], wife of [Firoz Khan Noon], the then governor of [East Pakistan].

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10. Pabna Cadet College

Pabna Cadet College began its journey on 7 August 1981. It was a residential model school. Abdul Bashar, the then Head of Residential Model School, handed over its complete control to Syed Salimullah, Project Director and Principal of Pabna Cadet College, on 15 May 1981.

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Based on various criteria, including the quality level of the curriculum, campus facilities, accessibility to transportation, and extracurricular activities, we have listed the top 10 colleges in Bangladesh in this article. These institutions provide students with an ideal setting for learning and fantastic chances to advance their careers. Reputable colleges and universities like Dhaka Medical College, Dhaka City College, Adamjee Cantonment College, and Notre Dame College are included. Download the EduportalBD mobile app to access more educational content like this.

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