The top ten countries in the world where teachers are most respected.

by তৌফিক

The first word that comes to my mind when I introduce the name Teacher (Sir) is “Homework? If not, stand on the bench with your ears open. Everyone’s experience may not be like mine, again you can hear the name of the teacher comes to my ears

“This is you, to me you are the highest number in your arithmetic

You got it, didn’t you? What a good boy / what a lucky girl. It will be with you.

From what he hears, the students of any country are respectable to him. Again the second thing is respect, not before money (৳) or dollars ($). He flirted with the money in exchange for the first tribute.

Just like in school, let’s start to be given from the reverse, I also started to give reverse from 10,9,6,8,7.

10) United States of America (USA)

It is called the port of higher education, but here teaching is generally revered socially. That’s why they can’t come in at number 1

He is ranked 10th in terms of respect for American teachers. As seen in the survey

69% of American teachers work with their teaching, but it seems

Neither you nor other Americans respect this woman of theirs

34% of American teachers think they are socially respected.

9) Romania

In the language of about 82% of Romanian teachers, they spend time learning, learning, and various school-related assignments.

By taking. Only 34.6% of Roman teachers are socially respected.

8) England

35% of teachers believe that the UK has made a lot of progress, but they are socially respected.

7) Australia

With 37.5% of teachers believing in the social status of teachers, Australia ranks 7th in the world in terms of respect for teachers.

6) The Netherlands

90% of teachers in the Netherlands are satisfied with their teaching politics. Many times the amount of teacher satisfaction only

40.4% of students value socially.

5) Mexico:

49.5% of Mexican teachers consider them socially respected 5th in terms of respect


4) Finland:

Finland, the land of thousands of lakes, ranks 4th in the world in terms of teacher social status. Organization for Economics

According to Co-operation and Development (OECD) results, 56.6% of Finnish teachers value themselves socially.

3) South Korea:

South Korea ranks third in the world with a belief in the dignity of the 8.5% Korean teacher community! 91% are teachers

Their environment can do quite well. 75% of teachers are satisfied with their teaching.

2) Singapore:

8.6% of Singaporean teachers feel socially admired and respected. Location of Singapore

2nd in this respect!

1) Malaysia:

Malaysia ranks No. 1 with 83% of Malaysian teachers respecting the community.

Malaysian teachers evict the community almost socially respected. 98% of the country’s student population improved.

As a child I read things in the composition of the goal of life; Doctors are not teachers. Why do you want to be a doctor while writing and to be a teacher to serve the patient to stay healthy? Looking at the doctor, it seems that you will have to spend money to read the book if you have to read the doctor’s advice for better treatment. And the poor teacher looks so idealistic

His salary does not increase anymore so he has to settle down in this way.

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