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In Bangladesh, there are special Islamic schools called English Medium Madrashas. These madrashas are different from regular madrashas because they teach not only about Islam but also in the english language. English is a language spoken all around the world, so it’s valuable to learn about Islam in English too.

Things to consider before admission

Consider these things below for choosing the right madrasa for your children -

  1. Distance of madrasa from your home.

  2. Quality of campus.

  3. Teachers and their teaching skills.

  4. Proper maintenance of Islamic curriculum & culture.

  5. Overall security of madrasa area.

After considering these things we made an list of top 10 english medium madrashas.

Top English Medium Madrashas

  1. Wisdom International Islamic School (Madrasha).

  2. IDC English Medium Madrasha.

  3. Averroes International School (Madrasha).

  4. Tanzimul Ummah International Tahfiz School (Madrasha) .

  5. The British Islamic Elementary School (Madrasha).

  6. Nibras Madrasha.

  7. Samaawaat Islamic School (Madrasha).

  8. Tanzimul Ummah Hifz Madrasha.

  9. Al Hasnain Madrasha.

  10. Iqra Bangladesh School (Madrasha).

More details about the madrashas

1. Wisdom International Islamic School (Madrasha)

Wisdom International School is a english medium madrasha based on Islamic core values (Faith, Honesty, Integrity, Tolerance, Dedication, Discipline, Respect) along with English, Math, Science etc.

2. IDC English Medium Madrasha.

IDC english medium madrasa is an ideal english medium institution . The institute has — Nurani — Najera — Hifzul Quran — Play to A-Level — Takmil Branch — Fatwa Department — Ruqyah — Islamic Dawah — Research Center

3. Averroes International School (Madrasha)

Averroes International School is one of the most famous & well reputed madrasha. With an exceptional teaching system, extracurricular activities & Islamic curriculum, this institute has achieved popularity among the people & mass media.

4. Tanzimul Ummah International Tahfiz School (Madrasha)

Tanzimul Ummah Foundation is a non-profitable and non-political organization approved by the government of Bangladesh. It has been working since 1999 to develop an Islamic educational system in Bangladesh, spreading the Quranic education to build a model nation. Tanzimul Ummah International Tahfiz School started its journey in January 2018 under the Tanzimul Ummah Foundation.

5. The British Islamic Elementary School (Madrasha)

The British Islamic Elementary School was set up to provide a safe, nurturing, educational and inspirational Islamic environment in the heart of Dhaka City. This madrasha has a well decorated campus with a good Islamic environment.

6. Nibras Madrasha

Nibras Madrasha is an another famous madrasha of Dhaka. It is an well-decorated private madrasha. It has multiple campuses at different places of Dhaka like Banasree, South Banasree, Mohammadpur & also a Tafsirul Quran Madrasha campus beside the main campus.

7. Samaawaat Islamic School (Madrasha)

Samaawat Islamic School (Madrasha) is an another known private english medium madrasa. This madrasha offers a comprehensive curriculum of Islamic subjects. This madrasha also offers extra curricular activities for students.

8. Tanzimul Ummah Hifz Madrasha

Samaawat Islamic School (Madrasha) is an recognized madrasha where students learn in English and study Islamic topics. Besides teaching Al-Quran or Hifz, they also offers qualitiful Islamic studies to students.

9. Premier School Dhaka (Madrasha)

Premier School Dhaka is an great english medium madrasha in Dhaka with multiple brunches. This madrasha offers different kinds of Islamic co-curricular activities to students.

10. Iqra Bangladesh School (Madrasha)

Iqra Bangladesh School (Madrasha) is one of the best english medium madrasha. This madrasha focuse on providing an Islamic standard teaching method among students.

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In conclusion, Dhaka offers diverse English Medium Madrasas that blend Islamic education with global perspectives, nurturing students’ faith and knowledge.

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